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Bungie’s Destiny 2: House of Wolves to be released on May 19 [Video]

If you were a die hard fan of Destiny, then this post will probably tempt your excitement for the House of Wolves DLC release on 19th of this month. As we are getting close to the release date, recently Bungie has leaked a bit of information regarding House of Wolves and main features of the House of Wolves are framed exactly in that one.destiny-house-of-wolves

At the same time, it is not guaranteed that the information from Bungie is 100 percent exactly a true one. Still, we need to wait till the official release of House of Wolves on May 19. In the House of Wolves, each and every time, the guardian advances his rank, after the third rank, the postmaster present a package from the corresponding group to the users. The package may have a chance for both items as well as engrams; the packages might contain House of Wolves gears.

In the House of Wolves, the story goes well with the Queen starts calling upon the Guardians, who are the gamers, to hunting down the ancient aliens who were once served the Queen. The aliens named Fallen decided to rebel against the Queen and the gamers will be involved in three different story missions.

The Trails of Osiris, a new multiplayer mode that allows the users a scorecard. The user can set their scores by completing a maximum number of wins or three losses, at the opposing team. The first team which wins first five points are considered as  a winner. A  player could level up all three ranks and to provide up to five different packages. If a player plays with three characters, then they can get up to 15 different packages. Just wait till the release of the House of Wolves and collect all the packages and cash-in rewards for the gameplay. If you have enough luck, definitely you will grab a House of Wolves gear.

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