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According to Google, only half of online video ads are viewable

Currently online industry is facing an ultimate issue, the online marketer has consistently been insisting the advertisers that they will only pay for those advertisements, which appears on the users’ screens. The advertisers want their ads to be a “Viewable” one, not an unwanted video on the user’s screen.online-video-ads

The demand by the online markers seems to be a valid one and the most important one,  because of the high prices of the video advertisements. According to Google statistics, about only half of the video across the internet are actually viewable by the users. Google collected data from various video-related products and ad platforms, which includes ad server DoubleClick too. It states that, only 54% of the videos present on the internet are considered as a viewable one.

In the meantime, Google advised,

“Advertisers seeking viewable impressions should look at high viewability sites that engage in best practices for video viewability,” “In general, advertisers should consider investing their spend in inventory comprised of larger video ad sizes to enhance viewability.”

The statistics report didn’t include YouTube ads, which is around 91% viewable, this is because other companies are placing video ads next to the content or in the bottom of the pages. But YouTube is totally a video destination; this made the rate to be always at the peak.

Google has used viability definition set forth and declared that around 50% of the video are only visible on the screen, for two consecutive seconds at least. Google mentioned that, usually advertisements were playing in the background while users were looking other contents in the website. Around 76 percent of the video are played in the background tab or off the current screen and the remaining were abandoned in two or more seconds. Google mentioned that, viewabality rates are much higher than the mobile devices and tablets than that same on computers.

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