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Cyanogen custom Android OS to have Truecaller’s caller ID, spam blocking feature

The popular Android custom OS CyanogenMod is now getting smarter with the help of Truecaller mobile application. Yeah, Truecaller and Cyanogen are setting a team to make few things much better.cyanogenmod-truecaller

Thursday, Cyanogen team announced that they are partnering with Truecaller application, and as a result of this partnership, Cyanogen is planning to  roll out an advance dialer that has an ability to block unwanted calls directly from the ordinary dialer screen.

The Cyanogen team wrote in a blog post,

“On a regular basis, we all experience the annoyance of unwanted calls, incoming numbers we don’t recognize, and overzealous telemarketers who can’t seem to take no for an answer,” “Cyanogen is all about giving users control and putting the ‘personal’ back into mobile computing.”

Currently, there is no exact information about the release of the update, but the team has promised that, soon it will roll out the update to its users.  In the meantime, Cyanogen team mentioned that, you can even go for the native dialer screen, if you’re not interested to use the advance one by simply tapping the uninstall option on the application.

The Cyanogen team added,

“From a development perspective, we’re continuing to work hard in building an open platform vision that surfaces the best experiences through more seamless integration,”

The latest partnership with Truecaller mainly shows us the Cyanogen act to improve its functionality and user experience too. This deal comes after the Cyanogen previous deal with Microsoft to bring out Microsoft’s application such as OneNote, Outlook, Skype and Bing in the open-source OS.

Stephanie Van Vactor, an analyst at ABI Research mentioned that, the partnership with Microsoft Corporation never takes the Cyanogen apart from the openness; he mentioned that CyanogenMod will always be an open source for the global users. CEO Kirt McMaster mentioned that Cyanogen Wants nothing except to take Android away from Google and Cyanogen is collaborated with Qualcomm to bring more enhancements in the UI of Cyanogen OS.  The various moves of Cyanogen show us that it is trying to displace Google Apps from the operating system.

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