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Flickr gets major update – easy to upload, share and organize photos

Yahoo comes up with a major makeover to its Flickr, in order to re-engage the person’s interest in the photo sharing service. Last week, Flickr unveiled a new application for Mac and Windows OS to upload several photos/images at a single time to the Flickr platform.flickr-app-screenshot

B default the photos will be uploaded in private and the user can share them with others later on. Addition to this, Flickr has implemented a new image-recognition technique to search the images more efficiently and it allows the users to navigate more easily than that of previous one. The same application will be available on the mobile devices, so that users can easily upload images to the Flickr.

In a company blog post, Tim A. Miller, head of engineering for Flickr said,

Using the Uploadr is a breeze. Users simply need to log into their Flickr account, select where their photos are stored and they’re good to go. The Uploadr will bring these photos into the Flickr cloud automatically.

Features of Uploadr:

Magic View: This feature recognizes the users automatically and spots them in the contents as well as tags them in the same. Flickr has implemented a new algorithm that will automatically recognize animals, sunsets, architectures and so on. It has more than 60 categories of listing that will be automatically categorized by the Flickr algorithms. In the meanwhile, Yahoo consistently working to improve this feature and has planned to sort images in more than 1000 categories soon.

New Unified, Color Searches: Flickr recognizes the images, and returns an accurate set of results; word pairing can be easily picked up by the service and provides an exact search result too. Users can even use advance search tool to find various categories and colors too.

Mobile Application: All sorts of desktop possibilities can be directly accessed right from the smart phone application, except the Magic view feature. The mobile version supports sharing features, which allows the users to share the pictures in other applications too.

Apart from this, users can add titles, descriptions and other metadata for the images they are uploading. Download Flickr for Android | iOS.

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  1. Great update. Thousands of people with constant uploading problems. Yay.

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