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Limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL to be launched in Australia

Just a week back Nintendo had released its new 2DS console which is almost similar to 3DS console. Now, Australians would be able to grab a limited-edition glossy Triforce 3DS XL along with the Legend of Zelda:  A Link Between Worlds, slated for release next month.


Nintendo fans who do not own an 3DS are exited for the release as the game is bundled along with a limited edition 3DS. The glossy Gold 3DS would be available when the game is released on November 23. Adding some style to the console is a Triforce Logo on the back and front. Each limited-edition 3DS bundle will have a download code that can be redeemed at the Nintendo eShop for availing the game, free of cost.

The game  is a sequel to A Link to the Past, released in 1991. A Link Between Worlds promises some interesting gameplay with Lorule, a new parallel kingdom and the game takes place in Hyrule. Other new features in the gameplay is Link’s new power to transform into 2D and pass through walls. Gamers can look forward for many other interesting additions to the game.

The Link Between Worlds limited edition bundle would be priced at AU$269.95. Watch the Official Trailer below:

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