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Apple Watch Review: Premium Smartwatch For A Premium Price

Apple Watch is an extraordinary gadget, designed especially to make each and every moment of your life. When you’re wearing it, you can talk to it, poke it and even get a response from it too.apple-watch-guided-tour

After the death of Steve Jobs, Apple Watch is the first entirely new product and comes with a new set of hardware, software and merges with the world of fashions exactly. Apple Watch holds the pride of becoming a mainstream product, and beats its competitors with its elegant look. Apple has exactly followed the technology similar to iPhone core design, and comes with three models, namely, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. The digital crown of Apple comes with different materials to style up your wrist and a rectangular OLED display makes you to easily access to top contacts. The heartbeat sensor found in the Apple Watch exactly tracks the heartbeat of the user and bring all sorts of information in the wrist of the users.


Apple Watch comes in different version, on the basis of the band you pick, the price of the device will vary. The entry level sport model will come to $349 for 38mm model, and $399 for 42mm one.  The standard Apple Watch with stainless steel strap starts at $549 for the 38mm one, the price of the device will go even for $1000 depends upon the model you’re choosing. Suppose, if you’re going for the most expensive band, then it will even come for $10,000 too.

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Apple’s Apple Watch may equal to a fine jewelry and it is a more elegant piece of wearable that attracts the customers in a click itself. If you look the device from a distance, it appears to be an unremarkable watch with a rectangular display, the device give us the look of simplicity with elegant appearance. Sometimes, the device looks similar to the revamped version of Apple iPod Nano, the seamless and excellent architecture of the device make it a warlord in the battle of android wears.


While comparing to other Apple products, this one looks a little chunkier than the other, at the meantime, the device doesn’t look bigger on the hand. 38mm version of the watch appears very smaller while comparing to other android wears available in the market. In Apple Watch, Most of the navigation happens by simply tapping the device and by swiping the screen, once can navigate across the screen.

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Siri on your wrist:

Siri seems to be a one of the main feature of Apple Watch, and will catch all the voices appropriately and bring you to the menu exactly. Similar to Android Google Now, it reduces the swipes and taps on the screen and increase the usability of the device. By saying “Hey, Siri”, you can reach Siri within a click, and this allows you to Open apps, send a text or find the current temperature of the place very easily. Just like the iPhone, you can get anything in the Apple Watch with the help of Siri voice commands.


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Talk, Text and Emote:

Apple provides a clever method of technologies that allows the users to communicate with others very easily. When you click the flat button present on the sides of the device, a clever wheel will get popped out. Using that wheel, one can easily text, call others via headphones and in the same time, if the recipients has Apple Watch, you can send varieties of digital touch messages to them. The watch will make you wonder, if you were doing any actions for the first time. It even allows you to send your heartbeat to the other users via haptic vibrations. The watch will be the perfect piece of gift for new couples, who wants to buy an Apple product together.

Apple Watch will directly connect to the mobile phone, if they want to attend or receive the phone call similar to Samsung Gear Watch. By dictating the word, one can easily send text messages from their Apple Watch to others. There is no on-screen keyboard found in the device, you cannot directly type in the screen.


Apple Watch comes with an excellent collection of application that Apple has ever created. In order to provide a better performance, the larger screen applications are shaved-down into a lite version of the Apple Watch.  Most of the applications are mainly focusing on the base application for the Apple Watch and the interactivity of the application will be around 5 seconds to 10 seconds only. Twitter, Evernote, TripAdvisor and CNN are some of the applications that supports well for the Apple Watch.

For now, people can buy $349 or $399 model of the Apple Watch to ensure its features, rather than going for $1000 one.

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