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Android generates more revenue for developers than iOS

Google’s Android is starting to gain the edge over Apple iOS after several years as the former is generating  more revenue for developers. Developers generally favor Apple users as they tend to spend more while the huge number of Android users is likely to offset the difference.android-lawsuit

Two separate research reports indicate that Google is likely to overtake Apple in generating app revenues. Opera Mediaworks reported that the entire Android ecosystem generated 45.8 percent of mobile ad revenue while iOS generated 45.4 percent revenue, in the first quarter. Apple iPhone devices continue to generate more revenue than a single Android device.

“Accepted wisdom and research tells us that iOS makes more money than Google Play, despite Google Play having more downloads,” said Digi-Capital’s Tim Merel.

However, Android phones shipped into China, are installed with third-party app stores which significantly contribute to the revenue, according to Digi-Capital. Merel added that Google not only dominated downloads, but also generated more revenue. This indicates that the growing number of Android devices in the coming months would dwarf the revenue generated from iOS ecosystem.

Google is focusing to reduce fragmentation in Android, mainly in Asia, for improving data ad revenue collection. Several new features are expected to be announced at the developer conference this month, in a bid to attract more developers. Android phones dominate 80 percent of the smartphone market while Apple phones hold 20 percent market share.

Apple relies on the fact that developers tend to choose iPhones as the owners spend more on apps. However, Apple will be overtaken in the longer term, in turn attracting developers to the larger market. Rich Wong of Accel partners stated that Apple deserves enormous credit for the resurgence (in the U.S), but the long-term trend has not changed.

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