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Google mobile searches surpasses PC’s in the US for the first time

Google Inc [NASDAQ:GOOG] on Tuesday, announced that Google mobile searches have outnumbered the one on PCs in the US, marking technology’s shift to smartphones. Last year, Google employees had predicted that the search queries would overtake desktop queries, and has just become real in many parts of the world.google

The transition began in 2007, when Apple released the first iPhone, triggering a range of devices that allowed consumers to search for content at any place or time. The announcement does not bode well for PC makers and other companies including Microsoft, which has its revenue linked to the sale of desktop PCs. On the other hand, Google has been steadily integrating several features into the search engine system, in the Android platform.

“More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan,” said Google.

However, Google has declined to comment the names of other countries, the timeline of the change and the volume of search queries on mobile and PC. Google mentioned that the searches were done from mobile browsers and the Google mobile search app. The relative shares of both were not broken down. Google has considers tablets as  desktops, indicating that the report is only for smartphones.

Google is set to benefit as average ad-prices are set to rise, with the rise in penetration to prospective customers. Earlier, markets were unwilling to pay a large amount, citing the small size of the ads on the mobile screen. the company’s ad-prices have been declining for the last three-and-a-half years, and marketers are expected to recognize its value now.Google Inc. vice president in charge of the “AdWords” service stated that the “future of mobile’ is now. The latest announcement will make smartphones,  the “primary screen” for marketers, for displaying personalized ads.

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