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Surface 2 on early sale in Argos UK, later withdrawn

Argos, one of UK’s growing retailer who has online presence has sold few Microsoft Surface 2 tablets, which isn’t supposed to sell before October 22 as per the Microsoft’s embargo.

Surface 2, which sold early by Argos - with invoice
Surface 2, which sold early by Argos – with invoice

The news reported by The Verge  that the British retail chin Argos listed the latest Surface 2 tablets on their online store, which allowed the customers to buy them and pick the tablets from local Argos store. According to Chris Nelis, he managed to purchase one 32GB variant of Surface 2 tablet on Friday at a local store and at the same time, many others also bought the device. However, the retailer hasn’t began to sell the Surface Pro 2 high-end tablets as well as Type Cover 2/Touch Cover 2 keyboard accessories yet. Only 32GB and 64GB models were available for sale.

After the unusual sale, Argos’ spokesperson said that the company has pulled back the sale of Surface 2 in UK and said:

“We fully comply with embargos issued by our suppliers and have withdrawn the Microsoft Surface 2 from sale with immediate effect. We are working with Microsoft to investigate this error as a matter of urgency.”

The user, who bought also posted an unboxing video, which is embedded below, few details of Benchmark tests and said that there is also a 3.29 GB recovery partition in it along with 17.2GB free space out of total 25GB. Benchmark report as per the user:

SunSpider 1.0.2 ran :
391.4ms in Metro.
381.8ms in Desktop IE.

With 3D mark:
Ice Store: Maxed out!
Ice Store Extreme: 9306
Ice Store Unlimited : 14070


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