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Google+ launches Collections, Pinterest-like feature

Today, the Internet giant announced a new feature called as Collections for its Google Plus, and the so-called feature offers a new way to organize pictures as well as other stuffs such as articles, movie and others too.google-plus-collections

The collection allows other Google Plus users to follow any collections, which is set as “Public” one and even private Collection can be followed by the same users itself. The new feature is similar to Pinterest online bulletin boards and in order to make its social media, a better one, Google is trying to incorporate various new features, which makes its plagued social network into a better one.

The new feature will be currently available on the Web and Android applications, and it can be found over the dropdown present on the left side of the Google Plus page.

Each collection consists of different sets of particular topics and can be shared with others via public, private or custom set of people privacy options. For example, a collection may consist of various posts regarding bread making, aerial photography, renter solutions and so on.

Google Plus users can post links, text, photos in collections similar to other Google Plus post, and collection allows them to housed in a separate folder. You can create a collection by simply navigate from Home drop-down and click create collection option in the menu. Just you need to give a name, visibility settings and cover photo. That’s all, a collection will be created in your account.

After creating a collection, a new tab will be appeared in the profile area that leads to the created collection. From there, users can browse the all sorts of contents found in the created collections.

Google has mentioned that, the new feature will soon available in Apple iPhones and iPads.

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