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The next-Gen Apple TV to have a revolutionized touchpad remote

Apple TV 4 is being highly expected to get an immense makeover and in the meanwhile, the remote seems to be getting the same response too – by introducing the touchpad integrated.apple-tv-remote-touchpad

According to New York Times, the remote comes with a touchpad, allows the users to use it like an iPod Classic touchpad. Similar to it, the remote’s touchpad allows the users to scroll through the menus and other options. The remote comes with a two buttons with a thickened overall, and will be a changeover for the old model remote that has three buttons with a D-Pad.

The Next-Gen remote control has an ultra-svelte figure and due to the presence of touch-pad in the remote, the remote appears to be a chunkier one than its predecessors; the remote will have a thickness similar to Amazon’s Echo speaker. Since 2010, Apple hasn’t planned to change the design of its remote, now Apple has come up with an all-new design, which make the remote looks more elegant. At the same time, Apple has implemented a coin cell battery in its TV remote, whereas other remotes use AAA batteries and makes the Apple TV remote to get reduced in size.

The upcoming Apple set-top box is rumored that it may feature with Apple Siri voice commands and also the unique App store for it. It has been rumored that the device has HomeKit smart home controls and still it has been not yet confirmed that it will support 4K streaming.  Still, it is in a big dilemma – how the touch controls will exactly work and Apple may use “ForceTouch” in the upcoming remote. For example, if the user presses the touch pad harder, it may speed up, fast forward or may rewind it.

The idea of using Touch pad isn’t a new one, but using the touch pad, the user need to only more their finger to perform TV options and will bring more usability to the users.

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