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Facebook further expands Internet.org for developers

Facebook Inc has further expanded its open platform Internet.org for developers to integrate their services for the ease of net neutrality. facebook-ceo-zuckerberg-f8-conference

An open platform is being launched by Facebook Inc for content developers as well as application developers in its Internet.org. With this move, the main aim of Facebook is getting people online in rural areas as well as low-income areas.

Facebook unveiled this open platform on Monday and stated that certain guidelines have to be met by the developers including content that is developed for browsing on smartphones as well as feature phones in low-bandwidth areas.

This move is a result of the most popular debate in India, which is considered to have 3rd largest population of web users over net neutrality and free access in India.

Internet.Org has been developed by Facebook in partnership with Reliance in the month of February. However, this service was immediately pulled out by many content developers and e-commerce firms as claims of it violating principles of net neutrality were made.

VP of product for Internet.Org, Chris Daniels told Reuters that they had already heard this debate of net neutrality in the country. These principles should be supported by several programs that provide encouragement to people for coming online. This platform is open mobile operators free of cost. Currently, this service is launched in 9 countries and around 8 million people have been brought online.

With this application, free access is offered to people to basic services including Facebook and other messaging services. These websites are data efficient and simple and these are offered for free by the operators.  Since various specifications are required for building these services, only few are offered.  Daniels added that now that this platform is opened, services meeting these guidelines can be easily searched and used by people.  As of now, access to around 33 websites is provided.

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