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Facebook to pay 70 percent ad revenue to ‘Instant Articles’ publishers

A new feature is being rolled out by Facebook which is named ‘Instant Articles’ through which content from different publishers can be read by the users and for doing this there is no need of browsing external sources, according to the WSJ report. If the selected publishers use Facebook’s Instant Articles feature, they will be getting 70 percent of ad revenue from these published articles.Facebook-3

According to the report, Facebook is having plans to tie up with several leading publishers so that their content can be hosted directly from this social media platform. In return for that, some part of the ad revenue would be shared by the company.

2 schemes are being offered by Facebook for wooing the publications. Under the scheme 1, publications are eligible for keeping the entire ad revenue from the articles that they post on Facebook, only if the ads are being sold by the sites themselves.

However, if Facebook is selling the ad, 30% of the revenue would be kept for itself. This number reflects clearly that this feature isn’t a direct revenue source for this Social media platform, but has the main focus on making the users earn some benefits.

For publishers, this may be a complex process. Many media sites of the world earn a huge amount of traffic from this popular social networking platform. This strategy has been smartly designed by Facebook for those publications who have specialization in low-brow clickbait content.

The Wall Street Journal said,

It is unclear what format the ads might take, or if publishers will be able to place or measure the ads they sell within Facebook. It seems likely Facebook would want publishers to use its own advertising-technology products, such as Atlas and LiveRail, as opposed to those offered by rivals such as Google Inc.

Many experts believe that this is a win-win situation for Facebook and publishers because since people click off-site, it cannot monetize the traffic. This clearly shows that Facebook doesn’t want users to leave their social network – no matter, leaving some ad revenue to these publishers. No more information is available because things are not finalized yet.

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