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Microsoft wants 1 billion devices to run Windows 10 in three years

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) keeps its hopes high with its latest all-in-one operating system Windows 10 – for PCs, Phones and Xbox. During Microsoft’s Windows Build 2015 conference in San Francisco, company’s Windows unit head Terry Myerson revealed that Microsoft wants 1 billion devices to be run on Windows 10.Terry-Myerson-windows-10

Earlier, many reports claimed that Microsoft will be launching Windows 10 for the general public this summer. But later it turns out to be the new “One” operating system to be launched by this summer only for PCs, not phones and Xbox.

“Our goal is within two to three years of Windows 10’s release there will be one billion devices running Windows 10.” – Terry Myerson.

When the company launched Windows 10 Technical Preview last year, it has managed to grab a staggering 1 million users who downloaded the software. These were the users who have registered for Windows Insider Program of Microsoft will get a chance to test the new generation Windows.

At the Windows Build 2015 event, Microsoft has also revealed its early Windows 10 partners, including Lenovo, Tencent (WeChat), Twitter, Box, Netflix, Qihu 360, Intel, Raspberry Pi Foundation, Qualcomm and more.

Microsoft has also announced how app developers can build universal apps for Windows 10 via a new way, where developers can reuse the code written for Android or the web. Surprisingly, Microsoft allows developers to use Objective C, which is also used to code Apple iOS applications. Developers can also add Windows-specific features over the apps built for other platforms such as Android, iOS and the web.

Experts believe that the company’s bold step could bring in ‘a hell lot of’ existing apps to the Windows 10 platform. That means, by the time of Windows 10’s release, the platform will be having almost every important app for the consumers as well as businesses.

Despite having lot of early apps in the Windows Store, Microsoft will have to bear the risk of getting ‘a lot of’ low quality apps too. Adding Windows-specific features to the codes written for the Android and iOS apps will not seamlessly work on the platform and it won’t be truly a native app for Windows 10.

Microsoft has also renamed its much expected web browser project ‘Spartan’ to Microsoft Edge. It reveals more information on its Edge project.

The company has also provided more information its ambitious HoloLens augmented reality project. Earlier in January, Microsoft has provided the world a glimpse at HoloLens technology. Microsoft and Unity Technologies have partnered to take forward gaming to the next level. The company announced its collaboration with the game studio at the conference. The Unity game engine offers support for HoloLens, allowing developers to work with the AR headset. The Unity game engine is known for game titles like Deus Ex: The Fall, Hearthstone and Hitman Go.

More updates on Microsoft’s Build Conference available here.

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