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Whatsapp messenger expiry date auto extended!

This one is a bit of relief and a good hope for millions of WhatsApp users around the world. Why? Just because, my WhatsApp expiry date is extended for 1 more year without any payment. Team WhatsApp could have started to charge for extend the messenger usage. I was waiting for the expiry date to renew the licence on September 15th, but today suddenly I have got a push notification on my android phone that WhatsApp expiry date extended!.

Whatsapp for iPhone

Do you know, WhatsApp doesn’t show annoying ads anywhere in their app, since they have got another fantastic revenue model of charging the users for extend their subscription to the app by giving first year free. This revenue model is aiming to give the company adequate revenue. This free extending step by the company might be for few users with certain number of friends or contacts, so that they will get addicted to the application and forced to pay for the subscription.

However, it is better you check your expiry date of your WhatsApp messenger on your mobile phone. To check, follow the below step:

Open WhatsApp > press Menu Key on your handset > Go to Settings > tap on Account > and select Payment info. There you will see your phone number and Service expiration date.

Have you got any free expiration extended message from WhatsApp? Post your views below. BTW, Have they really charged to anyone for subscription till date?

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  1. I got this message today. And I confirmed the expiration date is indeed extended. I am pleasantly surprised!

  2. I got The Message Today I think its a New Year Gift 🙂

  3. I have been using whatsapp for free for 5 years!!!!

  4. Francis Adu-Gyamfi

    Mine got extended today too. I think they might be looking to hit about a 1 Billion users before they actually charge any money. Currently at 430 Million active users.

  5. I'm using it for 3 years and its getting extended automatically every year. I've not paid at all for it.

  6. Muhammad Sikander

    Mine extented for one year for free as well

  7. yes got same massege my android phone WhatsApp expiry date extended and ser-expir may18 2015 :-p

  8. yes got same massege my android phone WhatsApp expiry date extended and ser-expir may18 2015 :-p

  9. Mine alsooo..

  10. I just got my free extension 5 mins ago 😮

  11. mine also. My service is about to expire in dec, 2014. but today when i see payment info option i found that service is extended till dec. 2015. i have not paid any thing. 🙂

  12. I validity extended just now for 1 year.

  13. I am using it for 3 yeara. And subscription is automatically extended every year. Last month I got it for one more year

  14. I just got a message that I was extended to July 9 2016.

  15. Got a message that mine would expire on Nov. 16 of this year. Just looked again and now it says Nov. 16 NEXT year. Strange. I might just complain about that. 😉

  16. This popped up on my phone. Whatsapp, the winrar of messenger apps.

  17. I got the message so I checked it said lifetime. Five minutes later I got another message saying WhatsApp roll back I checked and now it expires

  18. Mine was extended to lifetime O.o

  19. I got a message.. Saying watsapp extended for lifetime.. Is it a prank??

  20. I received a notification on my Whatsapp saying my BlackBerry Z10 will no longer have Whatsapp from Dec 2016. Why ?

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