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Microsoft HoloLens to bring in a new era of augmented reality gaming

Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) HoloLens, augmented reality headset is set to change the way people perceive gaming, after its release. The headset renders HD hologram-type images that blends into the user’s surroundings, and transform into interactive digital objects.microsoft-hololens

Microsoft and Unity Technologies have partnered to take forward gaming to the next level. The company announced its collaboration with the game studio at the build conference. The Unity game engine offers support for HoloLens, allowing developers to work with the AR headset. The Unity game engine is known for game titles like Deus Ex: The Fall, Hearthstone and Hitman Go.

Ever since its launch in January, Microsoft is aiming to bring the “hologram technology” to consumers, and extending its compatibility with Xbox and PC in the future. Unity announced that it will offer full support for HoloLens flagship features like voice recognition, gaze spatial mapping, gesture recognition, and the ability to “anchor holographic objects” to specific locations in the real world.

“Expanding our relationship with Unity Technologies was a natural next step in bringing content to Microsoft HoloLens,” said Yusuf Mehdi at Microsoft. “We are very excited to unveil this partnership and look forward to the possibilities it will open for developers creating experiences for Microsoft HoloLens.”

Unity Technologies strategic technologies VP Steffen Toksvig stated that the studio hopes to use the headset for other things than gaming. He mentioned that he would ensure the Unity gaming engine is the best development engine, and e hopes to take full advantage of the feature and capabilities of HoloLens.

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The game studio announced that Unity for HoloLens will be integrated into Unity Personal Edition and Unity Pro for free. In March, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox stated that first-party studios are doing their best to create games for AR platform. He added that gaming and entertainment are critical. However, the AG headset is till in the early stage, and will be released only after major glitches are sorted out. According to industry experts, AR and virtual reality (VR) are set to become a $150 billion dollar industry by 2020.

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