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Tesla Energy revealed new Powerwall batteries that operate on solar energy

New batteries ‘Powerwall’ have been revealed by Tesla (as Tesla Energy) through which, businesses, houses and utilities can be powered by people very cheaply and would help people move to renewable energy.tesla-powerwall-battery

This Powerwall home battery would be able to charge itself by bringing the energy from the power grid or by collecting from solar energy in a very short period of time. Then it would give this energy back to the houses whenever they need it and also at times when there is no power.

2 versions of this battery are made by the company, one is the 7kWh which is intended for people who use solar energy and another is a 10kWh which is mainly for people who want a substitute for electric grid if there is no power.
The cost of the smaller one is around $3000 before installation costs and the availability of the same can be seen in late summer.

A battery named ‘Powerpack’ has also been made by the company for businesses as well as for big utility companies. It says that the firms can save money as the efficiency of power use can be maximized and would definitely help them in avoiding paying for power at peak times.

Tesla stated that the batteries were part of the work that was known mainly for electric cars and other products. In a statement, the company said that “Tesla is not just an automotive company, it’s an energy innovation company,” the company said in a statement. “Tesla Energy is a critical step in this mission to enable zero emission power generation.”

The batteries were introduced with various tie-ups including deals with retailers of US Green energy for selling the batteries. Also an announcement was made by Tesla that the business versions of batteries would be used by many companies including Target and Amazon.

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