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Upgrading iPhone to iOS 8.3 over Jailbreak – Pros and Cons

Jailbreaking is a term closely linked with unlocking. Here users try to gain more control over their iPads, iPod, or iPhone by removing Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) imposed restrictions. These restrictions include downloading apps only from their play store. Initially jailbreaking was considered illegal, but in 2010, US library of congress declared that jailbreaking is right of iPhone users.

Apple’s rationale towered imposing restrictions is that these changes ensure devices run smoothly and fast. Downloading apps from other sites may be lengthy and thus cause the phone to get slow. To prevent it, they have restricted users to download it only from their authentic site. Jailbreaking may incur some errors in the phone and damage it permanently. It may also be hard to upgrade such phone to latest iOS versions in future.

To oppose the argument, jailbreakers say that Apple can’t stop their individual freedom. They want to use their belongings in their respective manner, and want more control over it. They say that Apple prevents some apps on their play store since they might harm their business and instead they are very good for the users. To use them, they need to jailbreak. Though Apple considers warranty null and void if the phone is damaged by jailbreaking.

Now if your phone is still running on iOS 8, you are running an older version and need to come out of jailbreak; but are it really worth to lose the freedom for the latest iOS 8.3. The latest version has done a lot of improvement and fixed bugs and this may tempt you to upgrade to iOS 8.3.

Pros of iOS 8.3

1. Emoji

There are lots of new Emojis which have been added of different races and relationships.

2. Wireless Car Play Support

Now, you no more need the cables in the car, you can tether your iOS 8 device to CarPlay without any hardware.

3. Faster Free Apps

Now you can download free apps faster without any passwords.

4. Languages to Siri

Siri has now more languages in her kitty plus English is available as spoken in regional areas.

5. Upgrade iCloud Photo Library

It is now more optimized to work with the new Photo app on OS X 10.10.3 and is also without any beta tags.

6. Message improvements

You can easily scoop out junk messages directly from the messages app.


Cons of iOS 8.3

1. Touch ID Bug

The Touch ID authentication is the biggest negative of the latest version. There is still to know about the extent of the security damage due to the bug.

2. WiFried

The common name has been given to the problem of WiFi users. The iOS 8.3 have complaints where it sometimes stops working on WiFi or get extremely slow. A lot of users have expressed their regret for this problem though few says they don’t see much difference.

After discussing the above points it is definitely a good try to upgrade on iOS 8.3. But yeah, one cannot ignore the Touch ID bug. But by month of June we are expecting an upgrade to iOS 8.4, so probably the bug might get fixed. So it might be a good discussion to wait and watch for the next upgrade since Apple does give a lot of promises and works to achieve them.

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