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Best PS4/Xbox One Games Deals and Offers – May 2015

We all know that a huge number of games are available for both Xbox and PS4. In this article we’ve tried to gather for you some of the best games of the consoles which are available at the best deals ever so that you get an awesome gaming experience at a relatively low cost.

We have some great deals and discount offers for few of the greatest games for Xbox One and PS4, such as NBA 2K15, Far Cry 4, 007 Legends, Borderlands, Evolve, Call of Duty Ghosts, Shadow Warrior, Forza Motorspot 5 and FIFA 15.

1. 007 Legends

The game allows you to pose as Daniel Craig’s James Bond to take on the villains who are trying to cause harm to humanity. It combines the storyline of six of the best Bond movies with cool graphics and realistic action sequences. You get to experience new skills, actions and gadgets while encountering new missions and villains and also a multiplayer experience.


2. NBA 2K15

With soundtracks made by Pharrell Williams and realistic graphics like never before, NBA 2015 captures the true spirit of the game. Players are allowed to form teams and play matches against one another to decide the winner.


3. Far Cry 4

Situated in the backdrop of Himalayas, Far Cry 4 brings to you the best yet Far Cry experience with its open world gaming set up and co-op plays. In this version of the game, players not only get to have a real life experience in Kyrat but also explore its mysteries.


4. Borderlands – The Handsome Collection

The game is a combination of Borderland 2 and Borderland Pre-sequel where players are allowed to split single screen among four various team members and embark on the adventure of Jack Saga who has risen to a tyrannical stature from his already egomaniacal beginning.


5. Evolve

Evolve is a multiplayer game which is based on the simple theory of “survival of the fittest”. It is based on a scenario of man versus nature where you either hunt or become the prey. Players can choose to play as the human or the best which is continuously evolving. As the human you can pair up with three other humans to hunt for the beast or hunt humans as the beast himself.


6. Call Of Duty Ghosts: Hardened Edition

This edition of Call of Duty allows the players to play as a single entity, multi player campaigns or form quads to take on the enemies. The players are set to defend a country which is fighting merely for survival. The players are introduced to a completely new world where they have to defend the enemies as the underdogs with a cult called Ghosts. Amazing weapons are kept at bay and the game features awesome graphics.


7. Shadow Warrior

This game tries to relive the life of master shooters with vivid graphics and sounds. Based in somewhat a futuristic world, it combines the powers of a master shooter with the agility of the Katana. The classic arcade style game gets an imaginative twist in this game which is very realistic and engaging.


8. Forza Motorsport 5

This one of the best graphically represented motor racing games available in the market today. It deals with around 200 varying types of cars from the factories of 50 different manufacturers. The cars are available at your service to be raced around in 17 tracks to become victorious while your opponents are continuously trying to get behind the wheel.


9. FIFA 15

This game brings to life the never before experience of FIFA football. With realistic crowds cheering and new features. It allows you to loan the players for short duration matches and then let them go. Players are also allowed to log in and prepare their dream squad and a host of legendary players are introduced to be chosen as your team.


Hopefully this helps you find the game of your choice at affordable prices so that you have a happy gaming experience.

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