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Microsoft team unveils a tool that shows how old your face looks using metadata

Microsoft has unveiled a metadata-slurping site that allows the users to upload pictures to find out the age of the users. Basically, this website is a fun age-guessing application that provides age of the person found in the image. The only thing that user need to do is that, they have to upload their images at how-old.net.how-old-net

The service is an age-guessing application, sometimes it doesn’t guess the users’ ages and somehow, it matches the age of the persons in the uploaded image.

In a blog post, officially authored by Corom Thompson and Santosh Balasubramanian, engineers in information management and machine learning at Microsoft, they have mentioned as

We were playing with Microsoft’s newly released Face detection API’s through a webpage called http://how-old.net. This page lets users upload a picture and have the API predict the age and gender of any faces recognized in that picture. We sent email to a group of several hundred people asking them to try the page for a few minutes and give us feedback – optimistically hoping that at least 50 people would give it a shot. We monitored our real time analytics dashboard to track usage and, within a few minutes, the number of people using the site vastly exceeded the number of people we had sent our email to.

Within few hours of sending the emails, around 35000 users have visited the website from various part of the globe, and it shows us that people are enjoying a lot of making fun. The Microsoft engineers clearly explained in a post that reveals the idea behind the service and it is purely a clever advertisement for Microsoft services.

The team has also mentioned that it took a couple of developers to convert a web page into a Machine Learning API and into a real-time analytics.

When a picture is uploaded onto the site, then it will get stored in a JSON document, which appears like,

[ { “event_datetime”: “2015-04-27T01:48:41.5852923Z”, “user_id”: “91539922310b4f468c3f76de08b15416”, “session_id”: “fbb8b522-6a2b-457b-bc86-62e286045452”, “submission_method”: “Search”, “face”: { “age”: 23.0, “gender”: “Female” }, “location_city”: { “latitude”: 47.6, “longitude”: -122.3 }, “is_mobile_device”: true, “browser_type”: “Safari”, “platform”: “iOS”, “mobile_device_model”: “IPhone” } ]

Once the picture is uploaded, the list of collecting data is analyzed and segregated according to the various factors. Soon they will be used for purely advertisement purposes by Microsoft Corporation.

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