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Best Keyboard apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) – Free and paid

Till now, Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the biggest smartphones till Apple has ever manufactured, the bigger screen are excellent for everything such as web browsing, watching videos on YouTube and also for playing games. The more difficult part is that, it is very hard to type over the larger screens in a single hand. Texting a quick reply in the iPhone 6 Plus using one hand while piping hot coffee in the other hand, is a hard task ever.

Apple has not at all a plan to implement a physical keyboard to its iPhone series to make typing easier. In the meanwhile, iOS 8 allows you to install third-party applications on your device that make your thumb feel happier. Installing this application is similar to installing other applications in the iPhones, you can download them from the App store and using iPhone’s settings, the users can enable the new Keyboard settings there. Sending a text with GIFs and emoji will bring out tons of experience to the users and if you want the same, then we have a clear winner here.



SwiftKey offers you the best texting experience on the iPhone, whether it might be with one hand or with two, SwiftKey provides you a fast as well as a responsive interface for tap-typing in your iPhones. It provides a wonderful tracing feature for single thumb usage and allows you to get the best prediction that you always want. Sometimes, it will give your entire list of word predictions and even no need to type anything. The application will sometimes know what you’re planning to say.

SwiftKey comes to variety of platform support and it has few limitations while comparing to iOS default keyboard, you can’t use iOS voice dictation in SwiftKey and you cannot directly reply from the lock screen also. It comes with a list of different themes and features such as auto-capitalization, standard auto-correct and double-space for period also.

Apple App Store $0.00

Apple Keyboard:


For those people, who’re not interested in SwiftKey, then they can use Apple’s pre-built iOS keyboard. It is one of the best reliable keyboards for iPhones and it doesn’t need any sort of work to set it up. It doesn’t support tracing and theming features that are found in third-party application, but it has a wonderful and impressive word prediction based on your history and provides great response for the users. It allows you to access voice dictation without any sort of hassle.

Nuance Communications SWYPE:


Swype provides tracing keyboard for faster texting and iOS version is similar to Android Swype application. It comes with auto-correct, theming and word predictions too.

Apple App Store $0.99

Keypoint Technologies’ Adaptxt Keyboard (iOS):


It comes with ordinary options such as tracing features, emoji, auto-current and even allows you to customize the feature. It is a freeware, that is totally available at free of cost in Apple App store. While comparing the above list of keyboard apps, it is not much reliable as others.

Apple App Store $0.00

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