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#ISeeChange to track climate change via your Instagram pictures

Instagram is an excellent social media that allow its users to capture and share their favorite observations in the Instagram. By using it, one can easily distribute a large number of photos to the world, and serves as an excellent tool to tracking tools too.carbon-dioxide-climate-change

For instance, transition of monsoon is heralded by the blooming of jacarandas. Jacarandas bring out lavender firework flowers all over the city and will appear like a purple rain. In Instagram, pictures of lavender flowers have been rolled out, and from this, we can easily judge that transition from spring to summer has occurred.

Instagram inspired a citizen of the United States to document the evidences of the climatic changes around him, and the project was named as ISeeChanges, founded in the year of 2013 by reported Julia Kumari Drapkin. ISeeChange was founded mainly for climatic issues in the globe, and still now, eight radio stations across the nation works on atmospheric carbon dioxide changes.

ISeeChange partnered with NASA scientist, now a dedicated satellite for studying atmospheric carbon dioxide, the main idea behind is to make the people to give at least a little attention that nature provides us.

Julia Kumari Drapkin, Executive producer of ISeeChange,

“It’s the little changes-the details we see on our regular walks, in our homes, the small talk at the post office or the corner store-that can add up to big, big differences.”, “If we do stories on a report that comes out with some scientific finding that’s predictive it all feels very remote and overwhelming,”, “But this is the idea that you could look around and see something yourself.”

#ISeeChanges hashtag on Instagram and Twitter has tons of photos and video observations, from that people can observe changes around the world. Not only the above mentioned things, even a new user can share their findings in the Instagram or Twitter, with a hashtag of ISeeChanges and this will make others to study your findings.

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