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Hurry! 8 latest PC game deals/offers you shouldn’t miss

This article is for all the game addicts out there. We all know about the peace that we gain by playing hours of games on PC. But this hobby or better to say this obsession can deem to be pretty costly at times. I mean, how many games can one buy, in a single lifetime? There are so many cool games out there which are simply waiting out there to be played.

The only thing that keeps us from playing those games is their price. Buying or equipping a PC to make it fit for gaming is expensive as it is and spending another lot on games is such a big NO!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were some deals which could make us the owner of the games for say, a minimal amount of money or even free? Well, it’s possible. The internet offers us plenty of sites which will provide you with loads of deal offers on PC games.

1. Darkness II

This comic based game allows you to become the all in all of the New York crime family Jackie Estacado and live his life where he tries to unravel the mysteries of The Darkness cult. This first shooter game is completely action packed and has super cool graphics.


2. Mafia II

Mafia II deals with the life of Vito and Joe, two childhood buddies, ridden with poverty and their journey of becoming a self made man via the mafia. In this game you get to start off as petty criminals and rise up to the head of the mafia family and face the problems which a mafia head would normally face.


3. Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Day Zero

The game is set in the future where the warfare and politics is mainly tackled by PMC or Private Military Corporations who create soldiers of mass destruction. These soldiers are equipped with lethal weapons and agility like never before.


4. Mortal Combat X

Mortal Combat X provides the players with various options where they are allowed to choose various avatars or various forms of the same avatar which will in turn vary the fighting style, strategies and powers of the same. This is a never before combat game with never before graphics and cinematic effects. It allows you to pose as good and evil to set a balance.


5. The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is a combat game which is set in a nonlinear world that evolves with your decision. It is a gorgeous yet grimy game which allows you to play the role of a master assassin who is out on a mission.


6. Titanfall

Titanfall makes you the controller of special soldiers who are capable of combat styles unlike any other. You get to dress your soldiers in various outfits and equip them with new kinds of weapons in order to make them armored against the enemy they are fighting.


7. Crysis 3

Crysis 3 will convert you to a super assassin in the future who is equipped with futuristic bow and arrow and other weapons of alien origin. You get to kill alien as well as human enemies to protect your planet from evil.


8. Star Wars: Jedi Knight

This game allows you to become a new member of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy and train to become a master Jedi to protect the galaxy from the devastations of Disciple of Ragnos. As you earn victory on each mission, your power keeps increasing unless you become Kyle Kataran’s apprentice.


Hope this article has helped you to get a lot of offers on PC game deals. Happy playing and paying!

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