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Video: Microsoft reveals stunning features of Windows 10 for phones

This week, Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) comes with a bunch of new features of Windows 10 for mobile devices, wasn’t regular one, but, will make you mouth watering once you’re working on it. The recent features are not a rehash of previous things that Microsoft has done before, Microsoft has shown its new features, which makes your smartphones into a Windows Desktop PC.lumia-windows-10-technical-preview

The new feature will change the Windows 10 mobile phone into an ultimate Desktop PC. The main limelight feature of the BUILD 2015 keynote is Continuum, which allows the Windows 2-in-1 to switch in as well as a switch out of tablet mode, when no sort of keyboard connectivity is found.

Continuum allows the users to connect the Windows 10 phone to an external monitor and a Desktop interface that shows an entire interface of the Windows 10 phone on the screen. By using Bluetooth feature, the user can connect their mobile to the Bluetooth Keyboard and touchscreen of the mobile device will act as a touchpad replacement.

The mobile users can use the office apps that are present in their mobile, rather than paying extra cost for that software. Nowadays, Microsoft has developed applications that will automatically adapt it for different screen sizes too. The same application will run on the mobile phones, notebooks, desktops and tablets too.

There are a few drawbacks that will come onto the screen while opting for Continuum for windows 10 phones. Primary one is that, devices that are currently running on Windows 8.1 won’t get this feature. Next one is that, Windows 10 apps should be downloaded from Microsoft’s own store itself. Only those applications come from a windows app store only supports Continuum features. At the same time, it is highly expected the Windows 10 mobile phones will arrive later this year.

Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore showed off the Continuum feature and is embedded in the following video.

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