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Facebook loosens privacy rules for teenagers

Just a week back Facebook removed the privacy feature that enables any users to find you via its search bar. The move by Facebook allows anyone to view the status updates, videos and photos of teenagers, apart from the friends or their friends. Advertisers are keen to tap the young consumer market and this move by Facebook will allow them to to reach teenagers in the age group of 13 to 17. Facebook would allow their posts to be visible to anyone mainly advertisers who would target the users by their needs through research.


“Its all about monetization and being where the public dialogue is,” said Jeff Chester.”To the extent that Facebook encourages people to put everything out there its incredibly attractive to Facebook advertisers.” Jeff Chester is the Executive Director of the Center for Digital Democracy, a group that is against marketing to children.

Youths are becoming more aware of the social media that it does poses a certain amount of risks. Parents on the other hand try to guide their children to follow certain rules to be risk free in the online World. Facebook compared their move was on par with popular websites like Instagram and Kik messenger, where teenagers posts are publicly expressed.

“Across the web, teens have a very public voice on those services and it would be a shame if they could not do that on Facebook.” said Nicky jackson Colaco, Facebook’s manager of privacy and public policy in an interview.

Just in a time where lawmakers are trying hard to control cyber bullying,abuse and other issues, Facebook mvoe to reduce the privacy of children is a concern for many.

via: NYT

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