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Apple Watch games: Here we selected the best apps

Everyone is excited about the Apple Watch. The teeny tiny device is quite power packed and has hundreds of apps which are specially designed for it. The newest member of the Apple family has a small screen with a mere resolution of about only 300 pixels. But its size has not prevented the app developers from creating a host of games to be played on the Apple Watch.

Although the app designers are still looking for methods to utilize the small screen size and resolution for producing the best games, still there are quite a few which have been able to capture the attention of the game addicts. It’s a known fact that making games for the small screen is a challenge. But converting the small screened Apple Watch into a gaming device is fun on a whole new level.

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Spy Watch

As it is wearing something like Apple Watch will make you feel like James Bond, but having a spy to report to you after missions, is just epic. Spy Watch gives you the opportunity to train a spy while you’ll be able to be the boss. You get to train the spy by actually sending him on missions and he would report back to you with every update on the mission. With the interactive texts and real life role play along with the spy like interface, Spy Watch, hardly feels like a game. It is as if Apple Watch is equipped with a special inbuilt spy software.



This game basically is a test of agility. Just like the phone version, this Apple Watch game has a set of pictures which you need to click based on specific given rules. As and when you win and level up, more sets of rules are applied to it. It tests the reflexes along with the brain power. However the small screen of the Apple Watch could only fit four tiles compared to the 16 tiled original phone version.



This is one of the most typical games present in Apple Watch. Based in the mythical world of fairies and dragons, Runeblade give you opportunity to slay your enemy by tapping on the screen of the watch. The game is divided in sessions of about 15 seconds only so that you can complete a level in between your work. However, the game is capable of keeping you engaged for hours at a go.


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Battle Camp

This is a pretty cute Apple Watch game which ultimately entwines with the iPhone. Here you get a baby pet or better said a hatchling, which you have to care for, feed and grow. This pixel art game allows to raise your pet until it’s an adult and then you can send it off to a bigger battlefield on the iPhone.



Lifeline is a survival strategy game where the players find themselves stranded on the moon of an alien planet. The central character, then takes decisions upon which the fate of the survivors depends. A player can also go back to the previous level and answer the questions in another way to receive a different outcome.



BoxPop is just like chess, the only difference being that you only get to play with the knight. This Apple Watch game uses the knight of chess to move about and collect boxes which are then to be stacked on one another to win the level.



Letterhead belongs to the puzzle genre and is extremely comfortable to be played on the small screen of Apple Watch. The player has to form letters with the help of set of alphabet given along with a hint provided.


Watch Quest

This game has to be played on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. While the management of the kingdom lies entirely on the phone, the enemy-killing and puzzle solving can be done on the watch.


Trivia Crack

Although the game has to be started on your phone, still you can spin the wheel and answer questions on the Apple Watch itself. This vibrant game is one of the top grosser in its league and not playing it would be a real miss.


These are some of the best Apple Watch games that we came across. Hope you enjoy playing them. If you haven’t yet tried these cool games, you’re missing out on a lot.

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