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Apple Inc. is working on voice-unlocking, DSLR-like camera for iPhone 7

Now, all eyes are turning to Apple iPhone 7 as more and more details of the smartphone are coming out. As per the recent information, this Cupertino based giant is currently working on the feature of voice-unlocking including DSLR like camera and aluminum build components for this upcoming smartphone. Previous issues of ‘bendgate’ would be addressed by this new build.iPhone_7

As of now, official comments haven’t been made by Apple with regards to the actual release of this iPhone 7 series. There are many debates as to whether it would be debuting with iPhone 6 this year or would be totally eliminated the former. More and more details of this smartphone are coming in.  There has been a latest association as per which there is a patent that suggests the work of Apple on this feature of voice unlocking.

This patent is known as “Speech Recognition Wake-Up of a Handheld Portable Device” and is published under U.S Patent and Trademark Office.  A new way would be offered by this device to bypass the Slide screen unlock and TouchID feature for waking up the phone faster as well as hand free.

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Just like other grants and patent applications, it is unsure whether it would find a way to its upcoming iPhone depending on the discretion of Apple. All predictions and expectations should be taken with a salt grain. Apple ensures that there wouldn’t be any bendgate issues now. It would be 60 percent stronger in comparison with standard aluminum.

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