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Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 globally – download & upgrade now

Microsoft unleashed the Windows 8.1 Blue OS as it confirmed long ago, which is a new step of the company by stepping back from Windows 8, actually!

Microsoft unleashes Windows 8.1 on October 17, Thursday.
Microsoft unleashes Windows 8.1 on October 17, Thursday.

If you are the owner of previous version Windows 8 or Windows RT, you can upgrade to the new OS for free from Windows Store and Box piece Windows 8.1 will be available for sale from tomorrow. However, Microsoft also promised to ready the supported apps in store on Friday. This version will come in three updates – general availability rollout, performance update and a patch, since the Windows 8.1 was RTM’d. It took 5 months to the company to change the key elements of Windows 8 and release it to public.

The Key elements changes includes the ability to start with classic desktop style rather than Metro UI, re sizable app layers, Start button and transformation of Start screen as an app launcher. More importantly, the company always touted that the new operating system can be used effortlessly in laptops, pcs, tablets and hybrids (laptop cum tablets). These changes have been blogged by Microsoft to keep the Windows fans’ curiosity.

We can’t blame to Windows 8, but the PC market was declining since last 6 quarters continuously. Gartner pointed the Q3 sales of PCs came down 8.6% to 80.28 million, whereas IDC analyzed it down 7.1% to 81.61 million. Last year’s Christmas sales were staggered for Microsoft as Windows 8 didn’t lured in buyers, or may be, the increase in Smartphones and Tablets sales. However, Analysts expects not much rise in PC sales in this holiday season and expects the tablet market to surpass the PC sales. Both iOS and Android gadgets expected to rake in the sales this Christmas. However, Microsoft’s own Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 can also make some difference and obviously, it will be powered by Windows 8.1. But, it will depend on Microsoft’s decision, whether they produce and market more devices or just keep on delaying the shipping of its tablets, more, the trick of luring in buyers by posting “sold out” in Twitter will never work for the company.

Available for download in this link, MSDN subscribers can get the OS from this link ad others can download the evaluation version (it will expire and can’t upgrade later) of Windows 8.1 from Evaluation Center.

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