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Apple to include some of Apple Watch features in next iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 is still a mystery, however, there are constant rumors that would arise until the key information is confirmed by Apple. On the other hand, some clues may be shown by Apple as to what should be expected regarding the next flagship smartphone. This is just a wrist-fitting iPhone. Similarly, it is completely different from iPhone.iPhone_7

One thing that would be common between the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch is the feature of Force Touch. One can also see this feature of Force Touch in USB-C Macbooks within trackpad. Hence,  it is impossible that the Force Touch would not be included by Apple in the next iPhone.

The ability of pressing on screen for bringing up new menus is definitely going to be very useful. Texting will become very easy and an upgrade will be received by editing photos.  Well, the iPhone 7 may not be released by Apple with a digital crown. Given here are some rumors follow the upcoming iPhone 7 of Apple.

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Some are of the belief that release of updated versions of iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 would be skipped and instead it would jump to iPhone 7. If rumors are to be believed the size of the iPhone 7 screen is 4.7-inch and it would have a 5.5 inch display.

Initially, there were speculations that a 4 inch iPhone would be released by Apple but this is unlikely. A stronger RAM and processor may also be added to the next line of iPhones. With this, the advanced A9 chipset would be integrated along with 2GB RAM in iPhone 7Plus and iPhone 7. This means that the RAM space of these phones would be very high.


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