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Google officially discontinues Nexus 7 from Play Store

If by chance you are lining up to buy Google’s Nexus 7, then it would be suggested that you better hurry up. According to the reports, Google has officially discontinued the manufacturing of its 7 inch tablet, Nexus 7.nexus-7

The statement was published on the Google Play Store website stating that they will no longer manufacture Nexus 7. The decision did not come as a surprise to a few experts, as Google has done the same to the Nexus 5 smartphone in the recent past.

The 7 inch pocket sized tablet was released in the year 2013 as a highly rated and affordable Android Tablet. The 7 inch Nexus manufactured by Asus is still one of the best Android tablets. The nor too big nor too small size of made it one of the most desirable tablets in the market.

In fact, Nexus 7 probably has the best overall all reviews amidst all the tablets at its range. The other added advantage that Nexus 7 had, was that it received regular updates from Google. In fact, Nexus 7 was even furnished with Android Lollipop.

To be true, the Nexus 7 is probably the tablet that you should have if you are tight on your wallet, but need good service at the same time. Nexus 7 is not available anymore on the Google Store’s website.

In case, you are planning to acquire a Nexus 7 for yourself before it completely vanishes from the market, you should probably look into Amazon or ebay. Amazon has priced 16 GB model at $165 and the 32 GB model at $285.45. On the other hand, Ebay is selling Nexus 7; 16 GB model at $99.95 and the 32 GB model at $185.85.

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