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Following Android and iOS, WhatsApp calling comes to BlackBerry 10; Windows Phone to get later

WhatsApp has rolled out calling features to BlackBerry 10 users, before its rollout to Windows Phone users. Last month, the feature was added to Android, and was made available to iOS users recently.whatsapp-logo-icon

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is yet to release the feature to Windows phone users. The new feature brings a voice-calling feature to make calls Internet calls, to the listed contacts. The feature was reportedly added to the BlackBerry platform and was available to beta users. However, BB 10 users will now receive an update to use the feature.

The new WhatsApp version (2.12.12) for BlackBerry, will allow users to make VoIP calls to international or local contacts via Internet data or free WiFi, and will not be usable on the cellular network. The update also includes several bug fixes, location feature improvements in the search option and a new font that is similar to BlackBerry OS 10.3.

BlackBerry users can use the calling feature by opening the calls tab, and tapping the new call icon on the top right corner of the screen. Ever since Facebook’s acquisition, WhatsApp has been added with several features, and the latest functionality is a boon to several users who might not willing to use cellular calls. WhatsApp is likely to bring video-calling feature in the coming months.

However, the calling feature has its own disadvantages like voice-lag, echo and call drops, which are expected to be fixed in the future via updates. Wireless carrier companies are expected to either hike data tariff in regions where net neutrality is imposed or might separately charge the app. WhatsApp is expected to gain more users as it dominates the messaging app market, and is set to compete with voice-calling apps like Viber, Line and others.

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