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Elon Musk’s Twitter and Telsa Motors, Inc. (TSLA) website hacked

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Twitter account, and the company website were hacked on Saturday. The company’s IT department had a tough time as hackers took control of the website, and the hackers promised free cars via tweets.137963_dh7952-600x360

The first signs of the attack were made around 1:52 PM pacific, when the hacker declared control of the account. The account’s name was changed to “#RIPRGANG.” In a few minutes, the account tweeted to offer free cars to people, who followed specific accounts or by calling to the listed number. The number belonged to a computer repair shop in Illinois, and the hacker had wanted to flood the owner with calls. The description of the hacked twitter account mentioned two accounts, @Raise90789 and @WheresAMP.

Tesla’s website bore a crude look with a bright orange background, and with a claim “Hacked by Autismsquad.” The company’s IT department swing into action and the site was taken down, and the hacked website appeared several times in 30 minutes. In an hour, Tesla’s website and Twitter account were back in control and everything was restored. No individual or group has claimed responsibility for the attack, though the website stated that the attack originated from the same hacker.

Though several high-profile Twitter accounts have fallen prey to hackers like the recent hijack of Taylor Swift’s account. The simultaneous attack of the website and  Twitter account has puzzled the company. It remains unclear if the attack compromised the web servers or if it was a result of DNS redirection. Both Twitter and Tesla are likely to investigate into the matter, and the company is expected to review the security of its website.

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