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Apple Watch teardown reveals replaceable battery and display [Video]

A teardown of Apple Watch by iFixit has revealed that the internal sensors are capable of functioning as a pulse oximeter, allowing it to measure blood oxygen levels. The teardown of the 28m Apple Sport and 42m Apple Watch steel revealed that Apple will not be allowing users to upgrade the gadgets processor.5pkngxhkwxhec1dd-huge

PS: Watch the detailed teardown video of Apple Watch at the end of the article. For more pics of the Apple Watch teardown, visit the source link below.

Apple has not included the oxygen levels, measuring feature as the company has not achieved the necessary capability to test it accuracy and reliability. Blood oxygen levels might not be accurate due to factors like sweat, hair and dirt. 9 to 5 Mac mentioned that Apple might be waiting for FDA approval for adding the feature, and is expected to be included in the next-generation Apple Watch. It might also be possible for the company to release a software update to add the feature, after FDA approval.

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“Once inside, coaxing the battery is a cinch, but the overall device construction limit further options,” said iFixit.

A disappointing fact is that Apple has not allowed upgrading the processor, and users are likely to upgrade to a better version. The S1 SiP (internal system package), is firmly encased in resin with glue and soldered ribbon connectors. However, users will be able to replace the battery and display, indicating that old hardware or a broken display does not hinder its usage. Apple promises a battery life of three years in the device.

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Customers will have no other option other than buying new models in the future. However, the possibility of Apple offering a wholesale device upgrade is also not ruled out. The Food and Drug Administration is expected to set strict standards for features which are focused on medical diagnosis. The Apple Watch is available in Sport, Regular and Edition models, and prices range from $349 to $17,000.


Check out the Apple Watch teardown video:

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