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Four Seasons brings you a 5 Star Hotel at 40000 feet

For all the travel freaks, who do not mind spending a fortune over a 20 day long travel plan visiting the wonders of Europe, here is what you have been waiting for. Before anything, let me ask you a simple question, what do you prefer: staying at a five star hotel during the travel or staying back in the skies while you move and enjoy the breathtaking experience. Well, the latter sounds interesting to me and if you share the same thoughts, Four Seasons has the answer for you.four-seasons-luxury-flight

Four Seasons brings to you the chance to move around all the major wonders of Europe in a new shiny luxurious plane. The very first f its kind trip will take you across the major sights in Europe on a 16 day long trip, which they say will certainly be one of a kind. The plane has seats for 52 passengers and you will have to pay a whooping $119000 for each trip. Before you decide whether it is worth or not, let us take a sneak at the plane itself, before it embarks on its maiden journey.

The Aircraft itself

The plane is no alien ship. It is just a modified Boeing 757-200ER taken on lease by TCS World Travel from TAG Aviation. The first thing that ,will strike you is its shiny black color. The interiors are smooth and houses 233 standard seats along with 52 lie-flat seats arranged in a two by two formation.

The Food

This is certainly one of the most important aspects. According to Four Seasons, the food that will be served to you on the plane will be as per your wish. Officials will constantly interact with you, taking care of what you want and things that you need.

Your Experience

Four Seasons have stated that the schedule will be planned in such a way that there are no long hauls as well as the itineraries do not get too hectic for the passengers. In addition, there will be at least 20 hotel trained crew members around you to take care of your needs.

Well, the probable idea behind the plane is to provide individuals with exquisite hotel like service at an altitude of 40000 feet. There is no doubt that your journey will be breathtaking, as per Four Season. The plane is due to take its first flight sometime soon.


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