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Starbucks computer glitch across the US and Canada gives away free coffee for some

There are no free lunches in the world, but when it comes to coffees in Starbucks, it was free for one and all in North America on April 24. The incident happened at the coffee retail giant stores after a computer glitch that affected nearly 7,400 stores in the United States and 1,000 stores in Canada.starbucks-coffee

A substantial number of people have benefitted from this policy and they are busy posting their free coffee pictures on the social media. However, some of the customers were denied free coffee with an explanation that the store was closing early. This left some people heavily disappointed and pissed.

A few people posted their free coffee status on social media and it has turned into a great quest for free coffee for the entire North America region. According to one of the twitter user @whoisDannyD, “Thanks @Starbucks for the free drinks. You guys rock. The tills should be down more often. Hahaha,” (Sic.)

Another customer @CrystalYiDeRan wrote on twitter, “Heard Starbucks is giving away free drinks since their system is down so my coworker and I closed the store to get some.” (Sic.)

The point of sale register outrage was the reason that caused the company to give away free drinks. This happened at the Starbucks stores situated in the US and Canada. The coffee retail giant stated, “We are actively working to resolve the outage and our stores will remain open and continue to serve our customers.

The outrage had been caused due to a system failure. Maybe, this is the indirect way for Starbucks to apologize to its fans and customers. Starbucks also confirmed that they are working on the glitch and will fix it as soon as the system is online.

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