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Apple MacBook 2015 (12-inch) with Retina Display Review Roundup

New 12-inch Retina Display MacBook by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is out now, and the main question in the mind is – whether this 2015 laptop will be worth for the wait? However, this MacBook model is still in the first over the future line of Apple notebooks. Here are few things, that each and every Apply fan should know about it.apple-macbook-2015-front-side

Let us take a look at the features that makes the new MacBook stand out from the rest. Although the Apple laptop resembles its MacBook Air series, the company kept a distance by naming it just ‘MacBook’ without using the word ‘Air’ or ‘Pro’.

Thickness and Weight

The all new MacBook has a thickness of just 0.14 inches and overall weight will be approximately two pounds. It comes with a price tag of the new MacBooks and the saddest part is the performance standards, which is same as previous MacBook Air, that released four years ago. The new MacBook obtained a tagline as “iPad bolted to a keyboard” from Apple fans.

Display, Specs, and Performance

The device comes with two sets of memory configurations, the basic model comes with an internal storage of 256 GB and the other version comes with 512 GB of internal memory. In the meanwhile, comes with 1.1 GHz of Intel Core M Processor and powered with 8 GB of RAM and another one, comes with same configuration with 1.2 GHz processor.
The battery backup of the device resists about 12 hours before needing a charge, and provides the same high definition Retina Display with resolution of 2304×1440.

Single port: USB Type-C


How many you would have thought that Apple will come out with a new MacBook that has only one port. The port for charging the device and connecting peripherals is the same and that too, a USB Type-C variant.

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The two major things that come to notice with the new MacBook is the considerable reduction in the size and the weight. The width of the MacBook is exactly the width of the keyboard, which is 12 inches. The weight has been brought down to 2.03 pounds from 2.38 pounds. With these two changes, the new MacBook already looks better that the 11 inch MacBook Air. In fact, the new 12-inch MacBook is slimmer than the 11 inch MacBook Air, giving it a considerable edge over the latter. The finish is as usual exquisite showing the trademark of Apple Inc.


I am directly shifting to the keyboard, because I firmly believe that it will play a major role in deciding the fate of the new MacBook. There has been a considerable reduction in the size, which means that the spaces between the keys have also been reduced. As it happens, for any individual who types around about 110 words per minute, there will be quite a few complications. But, the keys this time are more stable and wider that the traditional ones. Thus, if you practice on the new MacBook, this will get much better for you.


The new Force Touch Trackpad used in the new 12-inch MacBook is certainly one of the best things with it. The Trackpad has been designed in such a fashion, so that you can enjoy the act of moving around the display. The surface does not actually move, but the material flexes giving the users the sensation of clicking, etc.. In addition to it, the Trackpad is programmable. This tells a lot.

The main highlight of the device is its thickness and its larger keyboards, The 2015 Retina MacBook comes with Force Touch, that enables the users to perform several numbers of functions without any hassles. It comes with a price tag of $1,299 and definitely, in the future, improvements will be made by Apple Inc. Most probably, this will offer a new standard for the notebooks and the processing speed of the device is much slower than the previous models.

Overall, the device suits well for those users who need only basic internet usage and entertainments. And for those who need high-end performance, they need to hold off purchasing until the next one arrives.

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