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Verizon Testing “Same-Day Delivery” in Philadelphia for $20

Verizon is testing “Same-Day Delivery” service in Philadelphia for customers who need reliable and fast delivery service to have Gadget in hand very quickly.


Same-Day Delivery service currently running in Philadelphia, a customer have to buy the gadget online and they can enjoy the service of “Same Day Delivery” service offered by Verizon. The service is charged only $20 and available for limited stock only on “Verizon Wireless” by 10 a.m. Monday through Friday and customer get delivery guaranteed by evening 7 p.m. in Philadelphia area only.

Verizon spokesman Paul Macchia said in a news release:

“For Verizon Wireless it’s yet another option for customers, including those eager to replace a lost phone or the student who needs that smartphone before flying back to college,”

Verizon is testing “Same-Day Delivery” service in Philadelphia for now, if this service as per they have planned, they will expand their delivering service in New York, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh said in press release. “We want customers to have multiple options to help them get the most from their wireless experience,” Melanie VanderValk, Verizon Wireless vice president of national distribution.

It is clear that by starting “Same Day Delivery” service by Verizon and it may be competitive move to companies like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Google as they are providing “Same-Day Delivery” service.

As various retail company got success in “Same-Day Delivery” service and some company failed in this service, let’s see what Verizon can do and how they will provide “Same-Day Delivery” service by delivering the gadget within deadline they have given to their customer.

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