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Guide to Create and Customize Apple Watch Clock Faces

One of the exciting features in Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Watch is the range of watch face options, to give a new look to the device anytime. With a range of traditional watch faces and modern digital faces, the way of visualizing time has been taken to the next level.apple-watch-clock-face

Apple Watch features several watch face options ranging from digital themes to analog face, which can be further customized with sub-features called complications. Apple Insider has released a video on how to create your won watch faces, and customizing Apple Watch faces.

Users will need to access the clock app either by tapping the app on the home screen or by pressing the Digital Crown twice. Press and hold the watch face, to bring up a range of customization screens. Based on the type of face, the text and graphic color can be changed by rotating the Digital Crown. Visual features can also be added or removed. Each screen displays the different options.

Some watch faces support complications, a sub-feature windows that displays feeds from apps like Calender, World Time, Weather and others. A pre-configured windows can be accessed by swiping on a compatible customization menu, capable of displaying one complication. Pressing the Digital Crown exits the customization mode and saves any changes.

A new watch face can be created by swiping right in the face selector menu, and tapping “New.” Users can create their own style by mix and match modules, graphic and more. The new faces can be saved along with Apple presets for swapping them on the move. Apple Watch has made a successful debut in the market as pre-orders are set to rise above analysts’ expectations.

Check out the video below:

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  1. Sad when the first piece of news I read about the Apple watch is how "exciting" it is to be able to change the watch face. Technology has made a huge leap for sure.

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