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Trek recalls nearly 1 million bicycles after rider paralyzed

The most popular distributor and manufacturer of bicycle products, Trek Bicycle Corporation has recalled around 1 million bicycles after the news of 3 riders being injured. Nearly 900,000 bicycles have been recalled in the United States and around 98,000 units have been recalled in Canada. As per the company, these were the bicycles that were built between the year 2000 and 2015.  A thorough check was done before the recall was ordered.trek-bicycle

The company came to know that the front quick release lever of the bicycle opens past 180 degrees and this can be caught in the front disk brake. Due to this, the front wheel can be stopped suddenly.  This check was conducted after the company got a news of 3 riders being injured while they were using these Trek Bicycles. One suffered facial lacerations after the accident, one suffered broken wrist and one was left quadriplegic.

While the recall was being issued, Trek Bicycle Corporation stated that the bicycles having front quick release lever problem would be fixed free of cost.  Trek Bicycle Corporation is a major distributor and manufacturer of cycles and its products under various brand names like Klein, LeMond Racing Cycles, Villiger Bikes, Diamant Bikes, Bontrager, Gary Fisher, Electra Bicycle Company and Trek.

The headquarters of the company is in Waterloo in Wisconsin and marketing of these Trek Bicycles is done through 1,700 dealers across North America and with subsidiaries in Asia and Europe along with 90 countries worldwide.

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