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Apple Watch passes the water-resistance test

Apple Watch was marketed for its functionality and its range of designs. The wearable has taken water-resistance test in a shower and a pool, proving that the device is more water-resistant than the claim made by the company.apple-watch-water-resistance

Apple Watch has been certified IPX7 which means it is water-resistant up to 1 meter and for a maximum duration of 30 minutes. One individual from FoneFox uses the watch in the shower, and it functions normally. The touch screen stops working in the pool. However, he uses the working digital crown to zoom in on an app, and the watch functions normally, once he is out of the pool.

“Apple Watch is water-resistant but not waterproof,” reads the Apple guide.

The person took the Apple Watch for light shower before taking a real shower with soap. The watch was then submerged in a bucket of water for five minutes, and the device was left underwater for 15 minutes while taking a swim. Can this be the reason for the touchscreen to stop working during the real test? The watch emerged out of the water without any visible damage, and was functioning normally.

The test proves that Apple Watch is more water-resistant than it claims while Android Wear watches are not waterproof. Still, Pebble smartwatches can withstand a shower. However, Apple’s guide for the device clearly states the instructions, to prevent users from trying these experiments. Apple mentions that users can use the device during exercise (sweat), in the rain or while washing hands, and does not recommend submerging Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is likely to benefit from the experiment as users will understand the durability of the watch, thus steering sales. Apple Watch owners are advised to exercise caution while trying to dunk the wearable in a swimming pool.

Apple Watch Waterproof Test Video:

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  1. Actually the Pebble watch is waterproof to 5 atmospheres. 40 meters.

  2. Even with good water resistant watches you don't want to use the buttons while UNDER water.

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