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NOAA scientists discover the rare Pocket Shark

The thought of a shark fills the mind with dreadful monster creatures swaying their way in the deep ocean. However, the new finding by researchers has nullified the stereotype that exists about sharks. They have found a shark that is small and can be kept in a pocket. These species were discovered 36 years ago around the Peruvian coast.pocket-shark

A second pocket shark has been discovered by scientists, but its original discovery was made in the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago. The length of the “Pocket Shark” is measured at 5.5” and it swam to the shore with a fish haul in the year 2010. After the discovery, the scientists have been wondering about the parents of the pocket shark.

The pocket shark was discovered by Mark Grace, a biologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration fisheries. He did it way back in 2013 from NOAA’s freezer. The name of the pocket shark is derived from the two pockets situated close to its fins and not due to its size.

These small species are quite rare and scientists are exploring the roots of it. These pocket sharks cannot bite through your swimsuits and are not so harmful.

It is very interesting to note that these species were not found in the ocean, but rather in a freezer kept at NOAA. In the year 2010, a ship of NOAA collected this deep sea creature 190 miles off Louisiana.

This pocket shark is believed to be the second pocket shark ever to be found in the world. This creature is making a great buzz among scientists and they have pulled up their sleeves to research more about it.

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