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Android peeing on Apple; that is what Google Maps showed

The week has not been a good one for Google as there have been quite a few strange things going on at Google Maps. But the image of an Android bot peeing on the Apple Inc. logo, is not just a strange thing. This is could have well started a series of lawsuits on defamation, if it had not been taken care of at the right time.faa2075aaa02b4042b55dc6522b7e7c5

Just imagine a situation that if Apple Inc. had filed a lawsuit against Google for defamation, we could well have witnessed another epic conflict between the two tech giants. But things are sorted now as Google has apologized for the issues.

According to the reports, along the coordinates 33°30’52.5″N 73°03’33.2″E, Google maps showed an odd image of an Android Bot peeing on the logo of Apple Inc. The initial thought was that this was a very bad joke from Google, but later it was realized that the image was added by a user to the specific coordinates.

The image was not visible under the satellite view. It was only visible under the map view, which actually allowed the image to stay hidden for a long time.  Google has ensured that the image was removed instantly.

A Google spokesperson has stated that this was clearly a bad joke and they deeply regret it. The unwanted content was created using the Map marker tool and the content slipped by during the verification process.

Apple Inc. has not yet made any comment in this regard, but the iPhone maker might well have taken the matter seriously. The content certainly seems to be a joke, but the insult must have struck the iPhone makers somewhere. One will have to wait and watch to as how things proceed.

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