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Cablevision debuts ‘Cord Cutter’ packages with free Internet and antennas

Cablevision is offering “cord cutter package” that includes Optimum Online 50 Internet service with a digital antenna for streaming content online. The new package, aimed at users who do not wish to pay for TV, was released along with another package that comes with a slower Internet, antenna and Wi-Fi voice service.screen-shot-2015-04-23-at-3-37-03-pm

Cablevision’s Online Ultra 50 offers speeds of 50 Mbps download and up to 25 Mbps upload, for seamless streaming of content from Netflix, Hulu and others. rice at $50 per month ($44.90 per month;$4.95 per month modem lease fee and taxes), the package also includes access to Optimum’s Wifi hotspots. Cablevision CEO Kristin Dolan stated that the company is announcing the new bundles, and is reimagining its relation ship with consumers.

“The packages are meant to provide real  alternatives that fit consumer lifestyles,” said Dolan.

The low-priced package, priced at $34.90 per month, comes with a basic Optimum Internet with speed of 5 Mbps, Wi-Fi voice service (requires Moto G smartphone) and a digital antenna. The two packages are aimed at the younger generation, wishing to abandon the pricey TV subscription. Recently, Dish launched Sling TV which streams content from ESPN, Food Network and others, priced at $20 per month.

This is the first time the company is offering free antenna as the company offered only broadband packages earlier, and customers were required to purchase an antenna. However, the company’s claim of low-priced packages comes into question as the $44.90 per month is listed only for the first year. The company has not disclosed the pricing from the next year. Both the packages are offering HBO Now channel for $15 per month.

The move is likely to trigger the market’s shift from traditional cable TV or satellite television to pay-TV packages. However, recent studies have indicated that consumers are “cord shaving” (making TV bundles cheaper) instead of cord cutting.

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