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Valve allows the sale of mods in Steam workshop, beginning with Skyrim

Valve on Thursday, brought in a new addition to Steam Workshop which allows modders to sell content directly to gamers. Any user can list the mods at any price for items ranging from storylines, characters and others, and free mods can also be listed.


The new functionality was launched with Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one of the games with several mods. Valve’s Tony Bui stated that it would be a great opportunity to help support the creative work done by mod makers in Steam Workshop. Mods are increasingly becoming a significant component of games, and the financial support to contributors, is likely to help drive the level of UGC to new heights.

Steam Workshop lists more than 24,000 free mods with 170 million downloads. Skyrim, the first game to receive the functionality, has listed about 19 paid-mods with prices ranging from 30 cents to $7. The mods can be viewed under paid or free, and Valve has included a refund-policy to allow requests within 24 hours. The refund will be credited to the Steam Wallet, and every mod will have a timer to indicate expiration of the refund-deadline.

However, users are likely to face issues while purchasing an item as most of the mods use the content of other mods. Official patches could also make a mod incompatible though users can claim a refund in 24 hours. One mod was removed, after the user has used content from a free mod that was not sold for profit. It remains to be seen if modders are satisfied with Valve’s move as they receive only 25 percent of the amount, and the rest goes to the publisher.

Valve is likely to see a range of paid mods created from third-party sites which were created for the community. More games are likely list paid mods, opening an additional revenue stream.

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