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Android Auto issues on Samsung Galaxy S6 fixed by Google Play Services Update

Android Auto is a great example of how the power of your smartphone is brought directly to your car dashboard. The technology in it is supreme and travels beyond a regular screen sharing app and instead offers custom and tailor made interface and functions. These functions are basically developed for use in a car.android-auto-galaxy-s6

The new technology is in high demand in the market and many people have already adopted the technology. However, a substantial number of users are facing an ample of problems with compatibility. Handsets like Galaxy S6 were not able to synchronize with Android Auto but Google has addressed the issue quickly.

The connection problems that existed in Galaxy S6 while using Android Auto can now be fixed by Google Play Services. Devices such as HTC One M8 and M9, Moto X, would also be covered in the update. The experts are expecting a few more bugs in Android update as it’s relatively new in the market. Hence, once this period passes by, there will be a great number of devices to boast this update.

In case you are an early adopter of the new technology, you need to keep a check for the update and monitor the Google Play Services. There is a simple reason to it; more improvements are expected in the update.

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