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Yachtclub’s Shovel Knight’s game debut on Playstation, Xbox One will get soon

Yachtclub Games, the game development studio behind the popular crowdfunded Shovel Knight game, has been celebrating the game’s launch on Sony PlayStation platform. The studio also announced the worldwide launch date for the Xbox One platform.2823069-sk

Shovel Knight was originally launched on Nintendo Wii and 3DS in 2014, and is set to be launched for Xbox One on April 29. The 8-bit retro side-scrolling action platformer title, features a similar gameplay of older titles like Megaman series in Nintendo’s NES console. The game sourced more than $300,000 from a crowdfunded site in 2014. Head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Phil Spencer tweeted that the game had received certification, and will be released this year.

The game is set to bring in nostalgia as it will include Battletoads, similar to the placing of Kratos in PlayStation version. Yachtclub also announced that a free update, The Plague of Shadows, will include a new character and storyline. Japanese fans are expected to get their hands on the game in the coming months as the studio confirmed the release in Japan. However, the game is in the process of localization and certification, and will be released soon.

The game has received popular rating on Steam, making it one of the most popular indie games ever. The game features a comical storyline with a quirky weapon like a shovel. The developer is focusing on releasing the games on various platforms, after its successful debut on Wii U, 3DS, PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. Shovel Knight is expected to receive an announcement for the sequel to the first title.

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