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Apple iPhone 7: Everything we know so far about the rumored flagship

The latest and hottest technology related rumors are all surrounding the new Apple iPhone 7. It’s just been a few months that the iPhone 6 has been released and the avid Apple fans are already interested in the next iPhone. When is it due? What’s expected from the iPhone 7? Is it going to have a new design?  How wonderful is it going to be?iPhone_7_illustration

We’ve tried to gather and present to you some of the most exciting rumors that have been making rounds about the forthcoming iPhone 7.

1. The iPhone 7

With the iPhone 6 plus being the 8th or the 9th phone, the next generation Apple phone is not the 7th one in line though it is called the iPhone 7. Apple already has three varying sized phone in the market, which belong to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 series. We are now hoping that the iPhone 7 series will include all the three sizes. But Apple outdid itself with the iPhone 6. It was too big. Keeping in mind the popularity of the iPhone 5 size, Apple is making their iPhone 7 smaller and similar to the size of the iPhone 5.

2. Release Date of iPhone 7

An ardent Apple fan will have been accustomed with a pattern in its iPhone release dates. Apple has a liking for the month of September. The iPhone 5 was released in September 2013, iPhone 6 in September 2014 and the expected release date of the speculated iPhone 7 is supposed to be September 2015. However, rumor says that the Apple company is planning to release two phones a year to compete in the ever growing market. So we’re can expect less sensational changes in each iPhone. iPhone 6c may be launched this spring alongside the action packed Apple Watch and the iPhone 7 will arrive in September.

3. Waterproof Body

Apple, famous for being a step ahead when it comes to technology, is rumored to coat their latest iPhone 7 with Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (PACVD), on the inside, thus making it resistant to moisture. Hence Apple would no longer have to make a water tight casing for the device. The fact that this is being done in the production stage is going to provide us with a stronger smart phone.

4. Immortal Lightning Cable

It is being said that the iPhone 7 is going to have a wire free charging system. Rumor also states that if the charging is in fact wired, then Apple is going to present its users with a charging cable which has a long life. So, bid adieu to those frequent visits to the Genius Bar.

5. Specification

Let’s get a good look at the specification of the iPhone 7.

Screen Size

The 4.7 inch screen of the iPhone 6 has by far been the most liked screen size among all the Apple iPhones. The 5.5 inch screen of iPhone 6 plus is too big and the 4 inch screen of iPhone 5 is a tiny bit small. But it’s illogical to believe that Apple is going to have a new iPhone with just one screen size. Let’s just wait and watch.

Processor & RAM

It’s been said that Samsung is trying to again become the sole producer of the Apple processors and is going to power up the iPhone 7 with a 14-nanometer design chip which is going to be smaller yet a lot more powerful. However, we do wish that Apple designs its own chip like all the A class chips of the past. Side by side we also hope there’s a 1Gb and 2Gb RAM. Most people are unable to upgrade to iOS 8 due to the inadequate storage present in the iPhone 5 i.e. 16GB. The fact that entry level products have inadequate space for a software upgradation, means that you simply need to provide a bigger storage and that’s what Apple has in mind with the iPhone 7.

3D Display

iPhone 7 is going to ensure that you’re capable of watching 3 D without the aid of any glasses with its naked eye 3 D display.


If the Apple keeps its promise, then we can expect a smart phone camera with “DSLR quality imagery”. The iPhone 6 plus has surpassed the iPhone 6 in term of picture quality, due to image stabilization. We’re expecting that the iPhone 7 is going to be even better as it’s probably going to eliminate image blur.

Battery life

One of the major issues that need developing when it comes to the smart phones is the fact that they run out of battery quite easily. Apple has already got plenty of requests to improve the battery life of the iPhones. Apple fans are hoping that the iPhone 7 will have an impressive battery life, but Apple is not keen on enlarging the phone in order o do so.

Wire-free Life

As the pressing problem at hand is the battery and frequent charging of the smart phones so Apple has decided to let the users off the hook. On one hand it may not compromise with the size in order to give it a better battery, on the other hand it is planning to offer the users with a wire free charging facility. Hail to Apple!


The iPhone 7 is said to be coming with some awesome features as:

  1. You can convert the home button into a joystick which is a pretty cool idea. However, it may be a very far fetched one.
  2. iPhone 7 is going to be launched with its very own Apple SIM card.
  3. It’s supposed to be enabled with Force technology which will allow the iPhone 7 to differentiate between tap and press.
  4. iPhone 7 is supposed to have wireless charging facilities and is supposed to be available with a new kind of convertible charger.
  5. The software is also to be upgraded to the iOS 9.
  6. Rumors say that there is going to be face recognition to activate the device and touch recognition is going to eliminate the need for home button, giving more space for the screen.


  1. The next important feature which intrigues us is the design of the iPhone 7. What is going to make it a class apart from iPhone 6?
  2. The most important designing spec is the fact that they are going to use either Sapphire glass like used on the Apple Watch or Gorilla glass like the previous iPhones.
  3. It’s going to have an inbuilt touch id which is probably going to eliminate the need of a home button, providing place for a larger screen.
  4. Liquidmetal is being considered as a framework material instead of aluminum because it is lighter and smaller amount is required to achieve similar strength. This will give users a more convenient phone even if the size is enlarged and removal of the bezels will ensure that the users get a larger screen space.


We don’t yet know how the iPhone 7 is actually going to look. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed for someone to leak a glimpse of the proposed design of the same. We also hope that these specifications will motivate some artist to come up with plausible iPhone 7 designing.





So we hope that some of your curiosity has been curbed by all these rumors. But all we can really do is wait and watch. Let us know about more such rumors or facts by commenting.

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