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11 best Google Cardboard apps for a better virtual reality experience

When it comes to gifting, we’re often at a loss as to what to buy; the problem gets solved with the new Google Cardboard. In just about $10, your smart phone with Android 4.1 will be converted into a virtual reality device. Google Play has some cool Google Cardboard apps which can be played with a joystick, keyboard or just the Google Cardboard.

Though the numbers of apps are limited and can become a tad but boring, still Google is experimenting and trying to come up with new apps to keep you engaged.

1. Orbulus

Although it takes about 216 MB of your phone memory, still Orbulus is one app you wouldn’t want to miss on the Google Cardboard. It takes you to places right out of your imagination. Be it Paris at night or San Francisco China Town or the inside of a washing machine, with Orbulus at bay, you can visit all these places as when you wish to.


2. VR-Jurassic Land

This is one cool app meant for the kids. Be it a teddy bear like Gigantosaurous or a T-Rex or Triceratops or Euoplocephalus, VR-Jurassic Land is going to glide you through the forest containing all these dinosaurs and more in a jeep which looks just like the one used in Jurassic Park the movie. The trial version is available for free and the full version costs just a mere $ 1.86.


3. Rollercoaster

Rollercoaster is perfect for the adrenaline junkies. This realistic simulator takes you on a ride as the front seat passenger of one of the scariest rollercoaster which hurls you through the city space gliding by the skyscrapers and buildings. Looking up down or sideways gives various scenarios and when you look back you have a co passenger screaming just like you are.


4. Dive Deep

Although the app has a shaky graphics, still with Dive Deep you get to swim around with fish, sharks and whales without the use of a mask or wet suit.


5. VR-Dance Club

This app plays music to which the skeletons are made to dance. The music is not very cool and it would have been super if we could insert the music of our choice.


6. Tuscany Dive

Tuscany Dive takes you on a tour of Tuscan lands. It requires just a smartphone as you need to touch the screen to change the settings or graphics available.


7. Snow Shaker Maker

Both available for free and with the Google Cardboard kit for a fee of $ 12 (in case you want to do some charity because $5 will be used by Kid’s Co charity), Snow Shaker Maker is a fun Christmas time app which converts the phone into a snow shaker and also allows the addition of new characters.


8. VR Zombie Defense

One of the Google Cardboard apps which doesn’t require a joystick to have fun with; VR Zombie Defense is all about killing zombies. You need to set your head in a particular angle to gun the zombies down and the gun is held in the right hand.


9. Cartoon Village VR

Cartoon Village VR is basically a strolling app where you can discover every nook and corner of an animated village. Loads of colors and various scenes give an awesome experience. The fact that you can change the walking speed, season and even the time of day is what makes the app cooler and fun. Although it is action less, still the brilliant graphics which brings the butterflies and insects to life are worth an experience.


10. VR Cinema for Cardboard

It basically provides you with a movie hall like experience while watching the videos which are downloaded on your phone. So while you’re still at your home, you can experience a movie hall like feel with the help of your smartphone.


11. Hang Gliding

Another app made for the speed lovers, Hang Gliding on Google Cardboard gives you the feeling of Para gliding through the mountain trail where the mountains keep zooming at you and you halve to glide by them.


We’ve tried to gather some of the best Google Cardboard apps that are currently available on Google Play. Hope these will keep you mesmerized until the new ones are launched.

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