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Presumably Extinct Red Colobus Monkey Captured in a Photograph

As the popular adage goes – A picture is worth a thousand words. Same is the case happening with a thought to be presumably extinct species of Red Colobus Monkey. Most ancient primates are extinct now because of the evolution. This particular species was last seen in the 1970s and now 35 years later in 2015, scientists are shocked to see their photograph. The photograph that introduced Red Colobus Monkies to the world all over again was clicked by researchers in Congo forest.bouviers-red-colobus-monkey

The primate is now proven to be living and the picture shows a mother and an infant sitting on a tree. It is indeed great news because people will now adopt measures to save endangered species and the increase in numbers will benefit the world. Bouvier’s Red Colobus monkey species live in Republic of Congo and it proves they are not extinct.

A scientific researcher from Belgium, Lieven Devreese uploaded this photograph, primarily for crowdfunding purpose. He made it a point that it may be a bad environment back then in 1970s, but if things are improved many animals will survive and can multiply too.

“We’re very pleased indeed that Lieven and Gaël were able to achieve their objective of not only confirming that Bouvier’s red colobus still exists, but also managing to get a very clear close-up picture of a mother and infant,” said WCS’s Dr. Fiona Maisels. “Thankfully, many of these colobus monkeys live in the recently gazetted national park and are protected from threats such as logging, agriculture, and roads, all of which can lead to increased hunting.”

The news excited everyone because it was done with the help of Wildlife Conservation Society. The National Park in Congo conserves chimps, gorillas, monkeys too. Lieven captured a clear and perfect shot to bring forth this discovery. Many people saw this red monkey for the very first time.

Thanking the Society as the species is kept safe and is successfully breeding and multiplying therein. The external dangers and risks are absent and it makes sense to put most endangered animals into such funneled and safe environment. This way we can conserve them and help to increase their numbers. Bouvier’s red variety mom and infant picture above.

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