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Free Programming Lessons to be offered by Gates and Zuckerberg

To live up to its statement “every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn programming” Code.org has roped in Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and Microsoft’s Bill Gates to offer coding lessons.


The pair would involve themselves in a 60-minute programming lesson known as “Hour of Code”, which is being planned for 2013’s Computer Science Education Week (CSEW) slated to begin on December 9th.  Gates and a school in partnership with CSEW will have a 60-minute video conference.

Both Gates and Zuckerberg have even offered help and prizes during the week. Kids attending the Hour of Code would be able to learn programming through “a game that teaches basic coding principles”, including popular artwork from games like Rovio’s Angry Birds and Pop Cap’s ‘Plants vs. Zombies’.

Though both agreed to provide tutorials, they do not seem to impart much of knowledge in the sessions for the budding programmers. Yet the important fact here is that the duo found time to participate in the event despite their high profile.

Educators can find the resources about the Hour of Code here. Employers who would like to impart the Hour of Code knowledge to their non-technical co-workers in an organisation, which would be useful for their professional career  can look for the guide here.

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